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Thoughts from a bookaholic

I don't just love to read, I HAVE to read - I am on a never-ending quest to find books that I connect with on some level. Finding a book with the "sticking power" to be remembered long after its been read is something I so rarely find, that it has become an obsession.
Succubus Dreams - Richelle Mead Up until this point, I've more or less thought of this series as a good "fluff" series - one that's entertaining and fun to read, but doesn't require much of an emotional investment. After reading this 3rd installment, I have now changed my mind. I've always found Georgina likeable, but I've had trouble empathizing with her because of her job duties (I'd compare it to a porn star trying to have a "normal" relationship)- but this book finally gives the reader a deeper look at Georgina's character and we start to understand her choices and how those choices affect her. You feel her heartbreak, you feel her self-hatred, and you feel her lonliness - and it's done in that unique way that sticks with the reader and makes her character memorable. There aren't many writers that are able deliver powerful emotions that come across just as real in written form as they would live...